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A Cocktail Split Shank Ring with Double Australian Opal and Accent Diamonds in 9K YellowGold, Assay Hallmarked.

A Cocktail Split Shank Ring with Double Australian Opal and Accent Diamonds in 9K YellowGold, Assay Hallmarked.

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Cocktail Split Shank Ring with Double Australian Opal and Accent Diamonds in 9k Yellow Gold, Assay Hallmarked

Indulge in the captivating allure of our Cocktail Split Shank Ring, featuring double Australian opals and accent diamonds, all set in luxurious 9k yellow gold. This exquisite piece is assay hallmarked, ensuring its authenticity and quality, and is designed to make a bold and elegant statement.


  • Split Shank Ring: The split shank design provides a modern and sophisticated look, offering both style and comfort. The open band elegantly frames the finger, adding a touch of uniqueness to the piece.
  • Double Australian Opals: At the heart of this ring are two radiant Australian opals, each showcasing a mesmerizing play-of-colour. The opals' vibrant hues dance with every movement, reflecting the beauty of the natural world.
  • Accent Diamonds: Either side of the opals are shimmering accent diamonds, adding a touch of sparkle and enhancing the overall brilliance of the ring. The diamonds’ clarity and sparkle perfectly complement the opals' colourful display.

Gemstone Significance:

  • Australian Opal: Known for their unique and vibrant play-of-colour, Australian opals symbolize creativity, inspiration, and emotional healing. These opals resonate with multiple chakras, including the Heart Chakra (promoting love and emotional balance) and the Crown Chakra (enhancing spiritual awareness and enlightenment).
  • Diamonds: Diamonds symbolize strength, purity, and eternal love. They are believed to bring clarity and abundance, resonating with the Crown Chakra and amplifying the energy of other gemstones.

Chakra Harmony:

  • Heart Chakra : The opals promote love, compassion, and emotional balance, opening your heart to positive energies.
  • Crown Chakra: Both the opals and diamonds enhance spiritual growth and enlightenment, connecting you to higher realms of consciousness.

Customization and Sizing:

  • Ring Size: The ring is currently available in size U. However, all rings can be bespoke sized to fit your exact measurements. Please leave your desired ring size in the notes at checkout to ensure a perfect fit.

Add a touch of elegance and vibrant energy to your jewellery collection with our Cocktail Split Shank Ring. This piece combines the enchanting beauty of double Australian opals with the timeless sparkle of accent diamonds, all set in 9k yellow gold and assay hallmarked for quality assurance.

Materials Used:

  • Double Australian Opals
  • Accent Diamonds
  • 9k Yellow Gold

This luxurious ring is not only a stunning accessory but also a meaningful symbol of creativity, love, and spiritual growth. Let it inspire and elevate your style every da                                                                                                                l                                             Hallmarking 

All our work is sent off to be officially hallmarked to assure our customers of the quality of our precious metals used in each piece proving materials used conform to international and national standards of purity and fineness.

 With every Piece of our Jewellery we have carefully sourced the gem stones and hand cut the opals ourselves  for these one of a kind, bespoke designs and every detail has been lovingly handmade.



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