About Us

Having always had a love for Jewellery, Opals and the wonders of Mother Nature I am lucky enough to not only be doing my dream job, but also to be working alongside my son who is the talent behind the cutting process of the opals before they come to me for the jewellery design process. 

We have built close relationships directly with the miners who work incredibly hard to find these rare and beautiful gems, each opal being completely unique and over 100 million years old !!! Australian Opals are considered to be the most sustainable gemstones in the world and an example of responsible mining. Knowing exactly where our Opals come from and cutting them ourselves allows us to bring you only the finest quality and the complete story behind each precious and unique stone.


We have also built relationships with other small business owners carefully and responsibly sourcing our other precious gems and metals that we use in our work to compliment and bring out the true beauty in each and every gem stone and piece of jewellery that we make.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and find exactly what you are looking for.