Frequently asked questions.

Caring for my Jewellery.

Fine jewellery should always be treated with care. It's  recommended that you remove  your jewellery at night , when showering or exercising or taking part in activities that could impact or scratch your jewellery.

Cleaning My Jewellery

We would recommend using a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water to clean your jewellery or getting it professionally cleaned. 

Is my Jewellery Waterproof

All our Opals are from Australia so are very stable and one of the few types of opal that are fully waterproof so can be fully submerged in water without any ill affects. All other gem stones we use in our work also have no ill affects from water. Having said this I would advise against using ultra sonic cleaning devices for cleaning your jewellery.

Ring Sizing

All ring sizes will be stated in the description section, but if you cant find the size you need pls message me and we can discuss if we can resize the piece for you to fit you correct size.

I would recommend visiting a jeweller to find out you correct ring size.

What materials do We use

I only use natural gem stones unless diamonds explained in the paragraph below. All our gold and silver is recycled and all our materials are carefully sourced maintaining sustainability and that all materials and gems are conflict free. We work with 18 carat and 9 carat gold and each piece is Assay office approved and hallmarked . Each piece has my personal stamp of LLB.


If we use diamonds in our work this is the only stone we will use that is lab grown. Having done extensive research this is the only way to guarantee the diamonds are conflict free or not supporting any corrupt regimes.

Will you be charged Tax

We are compliant with the current tax regulations.

For domestic orders, if applicable, taxes will automatically be calculated at the checkout.

International orders are subject to customs related fees. ie (duties/vat/taxes), per receiving countries' policies. These are determined by each individual country and are the responsibility of the client.